April 11, 2017

Dear Friends,

It is with hope and anticipation that I come to you this week.  It is Holy Week and different congregations and different people honor Holy Week in different ways.  Some of you will attend a Maundy Thursday service, some a Good Friday service, some will honor the journey of Jesus in your own way at home, with your family, on your own.  

No matter how you come into this week, you and I and Christians everywhere will end it together Sunday morning on Easter!  Every year we walk this path and every year we are reminded that resurrection happens, He is risen, and we are the continuation of a journey that happened so very long ago.

What does it mean to be on this journey to Easter?  It means the  peace of Jesus Christ which turned the world upside-down and brought radical love to the world is a part of your life.  It means you are among Christian family that knows that death cannot and will not, in the end, win.  It means wild hope in our future.  It means that the song continues and we add our voices when we reach out to those who are in great need in our communities and in the world.

There’s a lot going on around us right now.  It’s hard to find our center.  Easter is a reminder that our center is the risen Christ.  

May you walk the path to the cross knowing that what seems to be the end is truly the beginning.  May you embrace the love of Christ and remember his long journey which will meet us on Sunday morning around the empty tomb.

May you know that you are loved.

Happy Easter!