April 26, 2017

Dear Friends,
The 2017 Camping Season is upon us!  The Camping Brochure was mailed out this week!  This brochure will invite  youth throughout the mission center to come together in community and explore their relationship with God.  If you are a parent, grandparent, guardian or friend of a young person in the mission center, please encourage them to attend one of the camps.  We would love to welcome them into community.  Super Sunday this year is May 7.  This is a great day to register youth for camps to help jumpstart the camping season!  Please read your brochure to learn about the cost to participate in camps this year. There is exciting news that comes from our Grocery Card program!

Adults, there is a place for you, too, this summer!  Reunions begin in June.  We have three offerings:  Fine Arts Reunion at Camp Paradise June 7-11, Big Spruce ReunionJuly 8-15 and Rockies Family Camp at Peaceful Valley August 2-6.  Each reunion has their own flavor and I would like to invite you to come to one or more of these exciting opportunities for encountering God and friends in God’s beautiful world.