February 16, 2017

Dear Friends,

Happy heart day!

My heart is full when I think of you and all the gifts and love you share with one another, with me, and with the mission center.

Jesus loved.  He loved the unlovable who, by his culture’s standards, were outcast and despised.  He loved the ones who no one else would even look at or touch.  He loved the marginalized.  He loved radically and he loved completely.  His call to us is to do the same.

Who, in our communities, is unlovable?  Who does the world tell us to ignore?  Who is left out, outcast, despised?  I don’t think you have to look around far to recognize that in this country, at this time, there are people who are our modern “untouchables”.  We are called to love exactly those people.

It’s not easy.  It’s not simple.  It’s not always perfect.  But as Christians our love is an extension of that early Christ-love.  We are his hands and feet and we seek to love, like he did, radically and completely.

May your love-journey be full.  May you have the courage to reach out beyond your comfort zone and love wildly.  May you be blessed in the loving is my prayer.

With deep love,
Shandra Newcom
Rocky Mountain Mission Center