January 12, 2017

Dear Friends,

Let’s look to 2017.

Let’s look with hope and anticipation.

Let’s look for opportunities to live Christ’s mission – justice and peace being primary.

Let’s look for moments to stand up for one another – to stand against hate and to stand for compassion.

Let’s look for time to spend with one another – to learn about each other, to share our stories, to love.

Let’s look for ways we can make a difference in the world – ways to give of time or treasure or talent.

Ways to honor diversity. Ways to be who we are called to be.

Let’s look for God at work in the world – knowing that the Divine Spark that created us and loves us created all and loves all.

Let’s join God in our neighborhoods – moving beyond the walls of our congregation into the promise of God’s changing action in the world.

Let’s remember that we are not in this alone – we travel this journey together and we are better for our community.

Let’s trust that we can work to build a world where all are welcome, all are respected, all are celebrated – no matter who or what.

Let’s give to God our whole hearts and our whole selves.

Let’s live radical lives of engagement.

Let’s not be silent when it is our voice that needs to speak – speak for justice – speak for acceptance – speak the passionate cry of the Prophet.

Let’s look forward with anticipation.

It won’t be easy.  We won’t be perfect.  But we will be blessed.

Let’s welcome 2017 as a community – broad and deep.

Let’s welcome 2017 as a people of God – loving and remembering:  Christ’s mission is, indeed, our mission.

Let’s begin!

With excitement,
Shandra Newcom
President Rocky Mountain Mission Center