January 26, 2017

Dear Friends,

One of the gifts we have been given as a church is the Prayer for Peace that happens every day in the Temple in Independence, MO.  Many of you incorporate the Prayer for Peace in your Sunday services and some of you use it as a spiritual practice in your daily prayer life.

The Denver, CO congregation in the RMMC has started a new prayer practice. They have started a Wednesday night prayer for peace service. The church will be open every Wednesday night from 6:00 – 7:00 for prayer and meditation on peace. At 6:30, they will follow the prayer for peace service as is done at the Temple that day. There is time for personal prayers from the congregation.  You are invited to join them for this important prayer time.

I’m thankful for all our congregations that engage with their communities in a wide variety of ways.  Many of you are pray-ers, community workers, learners, preachers, and listeners.  You are willing to live for and with the peace of Jesus Christ.  Thank you, all, for your willingness to share your testimony, time and talents as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Shandra Newcom
Rocky Mountain Mission Center