March 17, 2017

Dear Friends,

The daffodils are blooming in my back yard and I’m in the mood for spring!  As I walk out in the sun I remember that we are still in the season of Lent and that the wilderness, in the Christian story, is still where we find ourselves.  It’s hard to be in the barrenness when outside the trees are budding, but that’s where we find ourselves.  Easter is coming, but it isn’t here yet.

Being in the season of Lent invites us to slow down and pay attention.  To be mindful.  To notice our lives as they are. Some of our community are lonely.  Some are in pain.  Some have experienced loss.  Some are wandering.  Some are struggling with relationships.  Some are hoping for a change.  None of us are perfect and, even if you’re not feeling lost today, my guess is that there was a time when you have felt alone.

Jesus meets us there.  In that mess of life, in that pain and in that hopelessness, Jesus is there.  He brings the good news of God’s love to us – even when we find ourselves alone.  Easter hasn’t come yet – it’s true – but we know it is coming and we know the end of the story of Jesus.  The end which truly turns out to be the beginning.

If you find yourself alone, lonely, hurting, needing support – I pray that you will be surrounded by a community that can offer you that love.  If you need prayers, let me know.  We have a strong prayer community in the mission center and I would be honored to share your name with them.  If you find yourself strong and happy, please look around and bring in anyone you see who might need your sense of joy.

Let’s do this together!

With love,
Shandra Newcom
Rocky Mountain Mission Center