March 2, 2017

Dear Friends,
Sometimes change comes with growing pains.  As we change some of the types of events, programs and encounters we offer as a mission center, sometimes we plan well and sometimes things don’t work out exactly as we hope.

For example, the Nuts and Bolts Retreat in February was a new offering the mission center hosted in Fort Collins.  It went well and was well attended and received.  But we got a little too excited and scheduled the Leadership Weekend just a couple of weeks later and not enough people were able to come to both.  

So please make a note:  The Leadership Weekend has been rescheduled for early 2018.  This will give opportunity for more people to attend.  It will be an important spiritual growth weekend and all will be welcome.

 Rescheduling, shifting and changing comes when we experiment with new and exciting things.  I see it as growth in knowledge and understanding.  How can you, as a member of a congregation, encourage your folks to experiment with offerings of your own?  Maybe a new outreach program?  Maybe a new Sunday school lesson resource that deepens your understanding of how to live in mission?  Maybe you dream big, discern, and learn that your congregation is called to be different in some wild way – God’s imagination for you is vast and open and you are called.

Not everything will work out the way you think it will.  And that’s ok.  Perhaps the mission opportunity wasn’t at the right time or in the right place. But with every change you learn.  And you grow.  And you become disciples in motion.  Let’s look forward to the experiences we will have together the rest of this year.  Maybe you can come to a reunion.  Perhaps a retreat.  Hopefully, Mission Center Conference.  Maybe your congregation will plan something and we will see each other there.  However we come together, I will look forward to seeing you and being in community with you.  

With love,
Shandra Newcom
Rocky Mountain Mission Center