Dear Members of the Mission Center,

Change is a constant in the world today.  Much of that change draws us into new ways of living Christ’s mission in the world.  Ron Harmon, Steve Holloway and myself have been talking about the best way to provide a sustainable model for leadership in the RMMC as we live and move within these changing times.  What we’ve come up with is an opportunity for the MC to focus on mission and vision utilizing a team approach to leadership.

We have had important conversations over the past few weeks about how we can enhance the way we pursue mission in the RMMC.  The three of us have developed a plan we hope to implement beginning January 1, 2018.  This will be a quick timeline and we want to move forward in the following ways:

The 2018 RMMC Mission Support Leadership Team will consist of a MCP, MCFO, and two associates.  Each of these positions will be compensated at some level.  The MCP position will be a part time, 20 hour a week, position with the MCFO and Associates positions making up the other 20 hours.

The good news is that Bob Walker and Travis Savage have both agreed to step into the team as Associate Mission Center President (Bob) and Invitation and Hospitality Minister (Travis).

In addition, Apostle Harmon is committed to this new way of living leadership in the mission center and has offered to be a part of the Mission Support Team as a special project manager.  He will be working with the other team members to identify a special missional project that he will oversee and support in the mission center.

The entire team will meet regularly to see to the support, encouragement, vision and ministry of the mission center.  This is an opportunity for the members of the RMMC to explore what it means to live missionally in new ways.  This model assumes that pastors and CFOs are a part of the team as well.  We are dedicated to working with you as you create a vision for your congregation / community that will place you in the flow of mission in your community.

I also want to name that Phyllis and Rebecca, our MC bookkeeper and administrative assistant will be active and vital members of the team.  All of you rely on their ministry and they remain dedicated to serving you and Christ.

This new leadership model is an opportunity for us to experiment with new ways of living as a MC into Christ’s mission.  We will be able to reallocate how our resources are being utilized to support members and congregations in the MC.  We are able to consider moving in this direction because I’ve been given the opportunity to work part time as a coach, working one on one with people for 20 hours a week.

As with all new models, this one is fluid.  We plan on trying it for a year and assessing what works and what doesn’t.  At the end of 2018 we will talk about the changes, if any, that need to be made. Your input will be vital to this period of re-visioning our leadership model. We are very interested in feedback from you and the folks in your congregations.

Thank you for all you bring to your ministerial role in the MC.  We love you, need you, support you, and look forward to working with you through the new opportunities for mission that will arise in our future when we open ourselves to following Christ’s call in a changing world.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is this change happening now?  The time is right for the Mission Center to try a new approach to leadership.  In some ways, Shandra, Travis, and Steve have been already working together as a team.  It seems right and fair for Steve and Travis to receive some compensation for their hard, dedicated work.  As Shandra goes part-time, Bob will be able to step into the pastoral care role which is vital to the mission center. He will add a lot to the team with his experience as a pastor and Seventy.  Each member brings giftedness that, when added together, becomes more than the sum of its parts.

How will this work?  Shandra Newcom will continue on as Mission Center President but she will work 20 hours a week.  Steve Holloway will work roughly 8-10 hours a week for the mission center as MCFO, Bob Walker will step in as Associate Mission Center President at roughly 8 hours a week and Travis Savage will fill another 8 hours a week.  The four of them will work closely together, meeting regularly.  They will start by having a mini-retreat to make clear who will take on each task for the mission center.

Why is the better than what we have now?  It is wonderful to be able to work as a team – to show that a diverse group of people can come together, fill their particular role with their particular giftedness, and be in ministry toward a common goal.  Each of the members of the new RMMC Leadership Team is dedicated and brings a compassionate and loving ministry.  This will bring new life into the system.  It will offer diversity and a more well rounded team for ministry.  It will bring in new energy and it will meet the needs of the mission center in new ways.

What is your timeline?  The RMMC Leadership Team will start working on January 1, 2017.  Our initial retreat will be soon after that.  We look forward to being together in ministry throughout all of 2018.

How will Shandra’s job change?  Shandra will still have office hours and intends on being in the office 3 days a week (just like she is now) unless there is a weekend event that she will attend.  You can always reach her by e-mail.  The particulars of how her job will change will be discussed at the initial staff retreat in January.  The mission center will be informed throughout the process.

Will this affect the budget?  No.  The line items will remain the same, money will just be divided differently.

What does this mean for my congregation? For me?   You will continue to receive clear information about how different team members will work with both you and your congregations.  If you have a question, you can always reach out to Shandra at: and she will forward your e-mail to the appropriate team member.  We will rely on great communication as a team to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.  Hopefully, you’ll be given the chance to get to know each team member throughout the year.  Your support is very important to us.

How will this work?  We are still working that out.  At this time though, please know that you can always reach out to Shandra and she will work with the team to make sure your questions are answered and needs taken care of.  We appreciate your patience and support as we continue to live into Christ’s mission in the world!