2018 SITE Schedule:

January 26-28, 2018

April 27-29, 2018

September 28-30, 2018


SITE Weekend Schedule
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Final Paper Outline for SITE in the RMMC

Please write a 3-4 page paper answering these questions:

  1. Overall, how has SITE influenced your life and ministry in Community of Christ?
  2. Which class(es) were the most challenging for you and why?
  3. Which classes inspired you the most and why?
  4. How will you take your experiences in the SITE program and live and minister in new ways? How will your learning support your living?
  5. What is one big influence SITE has had on you?
  6. How has SITE deepened your relationship with God? With your congregation?

Please write this as a paper, not as a list of answers to questions.
I’m also very open to feedback about the program.  If you have thoughts or suggestions you would like to share, please do so.
Thanks!  I look forward to having you graduate in 2017!

SITE Weekend Schedule


6:00 pm        Gather
Beverages and Light Snack (supper on your own)
6:15               Welcome, orientation, introductions
Prayer for Peace
6:30 – 8:00  Session 1:  Sacraments and Symbol


8:00 am        Breakfast
8:30               Session 2:  Sacraments:  Universals and Particulars
10:15             Break
10:30             Session 3:  Baptism and Confirmation: Sacramental Foundation
12:00 pm      Lunch
1:00               Prayer for Peace
1:15               Session 4:  Communion and Marriage:  Covenant
3:00               Break
3:15               Session 5:  Ordination and Laying On of Hands for the Sick:  Belonging to God
5:00               Dinner
5:45               Session 6:  Baby Blessing and Evangelist Blessing:  the Blessing Way
7:30               Missional Practice


8:00 am        Breakfast
8:30               Session 7:  Living the Sacraments:  Taking it Seriously
10:15             Clean-up
Worship with Host Congregation (required)