Beth Reilly, Alva-Hulett  Debbie Jones, Fort Collins  David Carlock, Pueblo
Tim Hakes, Applewood  Doug Nickell, Fort Morgan  Bob Hawley, Scottsbluff
 Brenda Brillhart, Aurora  Larry Nickell, Genoa  Lori Graybill, Seibert
 Bob Walker, Brighton Eva Fitzwater, Glenwood Springs  Ron Riley, Tribune
 Barb Gardner, Casper  Debbie Schultz, Grand Junction  Mitchell Korf, Yuma
Gail Sundell, Cheyenne David Hutchinson, Greeley
Jandy Barentine, Colorado Springs Jana Horner, Greenwood Village  
Shyree Kirkpatrick, Delta Jim Smith, Imperial  RMMC Staff:
Rick Argotsinger, Denver Gary & Cheryl Barnett, Longmont Steve Holloway
Bill Faust, Durango Charlie Millner, Loveland Travis Savage
Kathi Stanford, Farmington  Don Woster, North Valley  


The purpose of the RMMC council is to advise the mission center president on issues affecting the mission, programs and ministry of the members in the mission center. The council is not an administrative or legislative body. Members of the council, however, may be asked to attend congregational conferences and provide a facilitating presence when important issues are discussed, such as the election of a pastor or the launch of a building program.

The council is appointed by the mission center president and annually sustained by the mission center conference. The pastor, or a person designated by the pastor, of each congregation will be invited to serve on the council. All World Church ministers assigned to the RMMC serve on the council.

The council meets using a variety of communication technologies as well as physical meetings. Meetings are convened on an “as-needed” basis.